Thomas J. Hanna - Chair & Founder

E. Thomas Harvey, III - Special Advisor & Honorary Chair

William (Bill ) Lower - Community Outreach & Business Development

Ryan Kennedy - Executive Director

Murray Dingwall - Chief Financial Officer

Marge Billingsley - Operations Director

Helen Gilmore - Development/Administrative

Kim Ballard - Development/Administrative

Mitzi Lockhart - Development/Administrative

Will Harvey - Volunteer

John Harvey - Volunteer

Perry Mace - Volunteer

Stacey McIlvaine - Volunteer

Scott Stroble - Volunteer

In 2008, Thomas J. Hanna and the team at Harvey Hanna & Associates created an in-house charitable organization, The Delaware KIDS Fund. The fund was designed to help at-risk children in Delaware who may face violence, abuse, family financial troubles, learning disabilities, or other distressing situations. The Delaware KIDS Fund provides support to help overcome these challenges and offers children new opportunities to succeed.