Open Letter from Jada Stephens – former KIDS Fund Tuition Program Recipient

In 2011, The Delaware KIDS Fund launched its Tuition Assistance Program and every year, The KIDS Fund selects 5 local students to support in their educational goals by offering financial assistance to be used towards tuition. One of the first recipients, Jada Stephens submitted a letter of appreciation recently. Congrats to Jada on all of her success! The Delaware KIDS Fund is proud!

Letter from the Chairman

An Open Letter from Thomas J. Hanna

It is often said that wisdom comes with age. My corollary to this belief is that wisdom helps us establish priorities in life. Blessed by being born in America and a Delaware native, I was mentored to care for others less fortunate than I by my grandfather and by my uncle, among other relatives. These two men, so influential in my life, matched good intentions with actions on behalf of others: supporting an orphanage in Newark, Delaware; advancing community efforts in Newport; promoting the Stormin’ Norman Basketball League in Wilmington; conducting Christmas Toy Drives throughout New Castle County; supporting Little League in Stanton-Newport; expanding access to the Centerville School for learning-challenged students; and much, much more over many years. Continue reading “Letter from the Chairman”